Course and lesson prices

Below are details of our lessons and course prices. Please call for details of special offers

Pay as you go
1 Hour lesson 9am-5pm
1 hour lesson 5pm onwards & Saturdays
2 hour lesson 9am-5pm
2 hour lesson 5pm onwards & Saturdays
Block Bookings
5 x 1 hour lessons 9am - 5pm
5 x 1 hour lessons 5pm onwards & Saturdays
10 hours 9am - 5pm
10 hours 5pm onwards & Saturdays
Intensive Courses
1 day course
2 day course
3 day course
4 day course
5 day course
5 day guaranteed pass course
The 5 Day "Guaranteed Pass Scheme", this acts as an insurance for your course. The course is exactly the same as the 5 day course except that, should you not pass your driving test at the end of the 5 days, we will give you a one day course on the day of your re-test at no extra cost to yourselves other than the re-test fee. This will continue until you pass or you have had three extra days training, but the whole course must be completed within twelve months of commencing
Further Instruction
Refresher course
3 hours
Test Booking
Get a guaranteed test pass sooner!
For £30 get your test date within 2-3 weeks of payment. We can organise for an instructor to take you to the test if needed. (You must have taken minimum of 3 lessons to qualify for this service).
Driving Aids
Driving Test Success: All Tests is without a doubt the UK´s most comprehensive learner driver pack. Crammed full of exciting new features and essential data updates, this incredible pack contains everything the learner driver needs to pass their test first time.
Drive DVD
This Ultimate Driving DVD takes you through everything you need to know about driving and how to pass your test. You will be shown what is important to know on the day of your test and how to note what the examiners are looking for. Discover what the difference is between a fail and a pass standard drive.
Driving Aids

Gift Vouchers

You can buy gift vouchers for any value from £110. Please be sure to supply us with contact details and a delivery address by phone, email or the online contact form (Vouchers are vakid for 24 months from date of purchase)


Block Booking Discounts
Gift Vouchers available
Driving lessons make a great birthday, Christmas or graduation gift! Call now for info

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